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November 14th, 2006

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12:15 pm - JL hahaha, split mind never ends!
please, lauhg at me :^)

I have left "devisionaddict" about half an year ago and completely forgot about this community.

today we mutually got in frend with one nice person and I saw "devisionaddict" in her profile-list. "Wow"- I said to myself, - "That's a great name for de/vision fans, let's go there and subscribe".
So what I see - a lot of my posts here... 8-|
Fatum est fatum, and I will post here until the end.

GoodNews: have bought DVD "JL" unplugged and motion pictures.
BadNews: I have no time to enjoy and my Comp is too old to give a normal sound:)

Be happy everybody!!!
Current Music: JL - someone to draw the sword

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Date:November 14th, 2006 08:40 pm (UTC)

Sorry for my Russian =)))

С этого двд я и полюбил творчество DE/vision ;-)
JL hahaha, split mind never ends! - De/Vision Addict

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